Album Cover
Suffer In Style CD+DVD Deluxe Edition
Album Tracks
Call U Later
New Wave Spazout
Before You Say No
Beautiful Freak
Youth Is Getting Restless
Album Description
Suffer In Style CD+DVD Deluxe Edition
Look Daggers
Album Type: Full Length
Released: 9/30/2008

Release Info
The 2-disc CD and DVD comes with “Alive For Now In Long Beach,” an in depth look at the pieces that make up the Look Daggers. Experience a full live show, exclusive interviews with key players from the album, rehearsal footage, music videos and much more.

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A collaboration that combines the musical direction of The Mars Volta keyboardist Ikey Owens with the lyricism of Hip-Hop underground icon 2Mex, Look Daggers has emerged as the premiere band of today by combining rock and hip hop in a way that is unique to these two musicians

As the first sessions began, Ikey and 2Mex enlisted Matt Wingnal and his studio ”Tackyland” in suburban Long Beach, CA, to record the initial tracks (i.e. “Before You Say No,” “Falcon Gentle,” “Beautiful Freak”). Called in for these sessions were old friends: Marshall Goodman (Long Beach Dub All-Stars), Sean Otero (Soul Hustlers), Pat Bailey (Breakestra/The Rebirth).

Finishing up the second half of the album, Ikey and 2Mex wanted to go for more rock inspired tracks and hooked up with now present and permanent band members Chris Clawson, Travis Laws, Mendee Ichikawa (Free Moral Agents), and later, Jesse Wilder (Teen Heroes, Forcefeild On) was added to their live band.
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