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LMNO Is Dead.
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LMNO Is Dead.
Album Type: Full Length
Released: 12/14/2010

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For his 10th full-length album of 2010, LMNO brings it back home and partners up with long time collaborator KeyKool for his epic finale. Known for his memorable production work on all the Visionaries albums ("Love (Hip-Hop)" / "Come One Come All" / "LA Fresh"), KeyKool brings that same magic to "LMNO Is Dead" producing a wide array of hits such as LMNO's Los Angeles anthem "Down In LA" and the monumental title track "LMNO Is Dead."

As producer, KeyKool's resume is not built on quantity but on quality, and his sought after beats are kept in-house for only the people he chooses to work with. KeyKool also lends his vocals on a handful of tracks remincinecnt of classics like "Together Or Separate" and the Pete Rock produced "Blindsided."
1. LMNO Is Dead
2. Good And Bad
3. Keep Rockin'
4. 14 Days
5. Down In LA feat. KeyKool
6. Dropped
7. Late Bloomers
8. Mercy feat. KeyKool
9. Analog Catalog feat. KeyKool
10. Deprogram
11. Finale
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