Album Cover
En Route
Album Tracks
No More No Less
Spin The Wax
Truth Serum
Sunset Limited
Visionaries Too (Next Stop)
Album Description
En Route
Writer's Block
Album Type: Full Length
Released: 1/12/2001

Release Info
The fast moving Omid produced “Sunset Limited” is a lyrical freight train where Zen and Dannu unleash a barrage of finely articulated lyrics. “Long Riders” produced by Mum’s the Word is a captivating track in which Zen and Dannu dedicate their verses to the queens of the earth, a favorite amongst the b-girls. KeyKool delivers multiple compelling tracks including the show bouncer “Basically,” the DJ friendly “Spin the Wax,” and the aquatically stony “Avenue of Hope.” Zen and Dannu bless the DJ Rhettmatic produced sureshot “No More No Less.” The intricate deliveries of the complex lyricisms of Lord Zen combined with the poetic melodic cadences of Dannu characterize the Writer’s Block sound. From complex forward production, to the most basic elemental boom-bap, Writer’s Block vocally adapts to ride each rhythm uniquely, giving their listeners a truly enjoyable hip-hop ride, “En Route.”
Lord Zen and Dannu of the Visionaries form a potent duo known as Writer’s Block. Enlisting a talented camp of producers for this album, Writer’s Block unveil a refreshing sound to what many consider the stagnating state of hip-hop music. With a supporting cast of producers such as Omid (aka OD of “Beneath the Surface”), Mum’s the Word, DJ ICD of Blak Forest, Nucleus, and fellow Visionaries KeyKool & Rhettmatic, Zen and Dannu present their unique lyrical compositions over a smorgasbord of sound.
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